Monday, July 23, 2012

The One Thing

What's the one thing that makes it as clear as day why your product or service blows away the competition? Today I discovered a great video we have at Vocollect that illustrates this idea. It's a side-by-side comparison of RF scanning versus Vocollect Voice(R). I'm planning to use this as a demonstration to an industry analyst who is not really familiar with our solution and what it can do for distribution center productivity, accuracy and labor management. Skip to the two-minute mark to get the meat.

Personally, I think we should feature this video in almost every interaction we have with prospects. It illustrates the beauty and simplicity of voice even against a proven, nearly ubiquitous technology. The video allows someone who has no experience with our technology to see immediately why we slaughter competitive technologies in most head-to-head comparisons.

I would challenge any brand, product or service to come up with a similar comparison. The best brands often do. I remember a series of great Jeep advertisements many years ago that showed a series of scenarios in which the only way to get to the location was in a Jeep (the best of which was the site of an SUV commercial in which the director wanted to get the SUV on top of a mountain, and the company was going to fly it in--following which the director drove back down the mountain in his Jeep).

If your company doesn't have a great side-by-side comparison, part of your marketing stratetgy needs to be finding the change that you can make that might illustrate the difference. We're going through such a strategy exercise right now to help us determine the next great comparison Vocollect will be able to make. Even though we own the market right now, it is never too soon to find the next great "one thing" that will destroy your competition. And we would rather find it ourselves than have our competitors do so.

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