Friday, September 23, 2011

Of Squirrels and Baseball

Two great notes from this week:

1. A good (if "light") analysis posted by Adam Rosenberg in Online Media Daily about Web analytics and Moneyball.  The highlights: A) statistical analysis works well for baseball, a zero sum game, but even better for websites because all players within a market can win with better ROI, retention, relevance, sales, and so forth. B) data complexity increases exponentially and the landscape of the Web itself changes rapidly, causing difficulties in recreating the same analyses over time.

2. We got an ad for "LeafGuard" in the ValPak coupons. It had a picture of a squirrel in the gutter with the caption "My thoughts are in the gutter!" and the fine print, "Nice one, squirrel." We noticed it. The number one metric for whether your advertising is going to move the needle on awareness and purchase intent is whether the ad gets noticed. Differentiation (whether the ad makes you remember why to buy the particular brand) is second. All other considerations pale in comparative importance, so kudos to the LeafGuard people for an excellent execution.

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